Sunday, October 13, 2013

DTFEJ - Entry Four (part four)

“Hey, you nasty cutthroats, over here!” Bonne Anne called and then she shot her musket.

Every shark in the cutthroat camp turned their heads toward her.

“No over here!” I yelled from the other side of the camp. All their heads turned toward me. Their beady eyes narrowed in suspicion and half of them raised their swords.

“No I believe it is I you should be focused on.” Wing Chun flew in from the bamboo stalks that were concentrated on one side of the camp site. In the confusion the cutthroats started backing away from us and towards the center of the camp. My crew and I moved in towards them while some sharks grabbed knifes that were lying around the campsite. They started to make some weird growling noises that told me my crew and I weren’t nearly as threatening as I had hopped we were. The first cutthroat headed towards Bonne Anne and she was able to stun it with her musket but not before two more started heading towards her. I stunned both of them with my musket and then felt a sword whoosh past my shoulder. I turned and was face to face with a cutthroat. Well face to chest would be more accurate, these guys were huge! I lifted my musket and shot a bolt of lightning. The shark fell back and growled at me.

“I found something!” I heard Courtney shouting from the other end of the camp. She was jumping up and down while holding a rolled up piece of paper. She immediately launched into the greenery that she had been hiding in when we had found her, out of sight and safe.

“Fall back!” I yelled. Courtney had done her job and now it was my turn. As my crew fled towards safety away from the cutthroats I aimed at one of the gunpowder kegs that was spaced evenly beside all the other ones making it so that each one would set off another and hopefully it would turn the camp to dust. When I held up my musket to shoot, a cutthroat came out of nowhere and knocked it out of my hand. I gasped and ducked as the monster almost decapitated me. I backed up as he kept swinging at me and soon my musket was out of reach. “Bonnie Anne!” I shouted, “Shoot the kegs!”

“A little busy captain!” When I glanced over to her I saw that cutthroat had grabbed her musket and they were currently playing what looked like a game of tug-of-war with it.

That left no more musketeers and no one to set the kegs off. When I had just lost all hope I heard a faint “I got it!” and a spear came flying past my head. It pierced the gunpowder keg and in the blink of an eye the camp was in flames.

-See ye in the game!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Pirate101 Game Updates (July)

Hello everyone!

It's been a while since I've posted on this blog but I've had little time to be playing Pirate101 because I've been enjoying my membership in Wizard101. But today I wanted to talk about all the exciting game updates that are going on in Pirate101 right now!

Many of these updates are the Pirate101 equivalent of some things that already exist in Wizard101. There are just a couple of updates I wanted to talk about but if you want to know about all the updates then click right here.

One of the most exciting things I look forward to in the game update is the new school specific housing! I loved it when school specific housing came out in Wizard101 and I know the housing in this update will be fantastic as well. KI also mentions that there are hidden surprises in each house!

Next is the school specific furniture. This feature does exist in Wizard101 but not in the same way. In Wizard101 there are two sets of furniture packs that are not school themed but world themed (Azteca and Avalon).These school specific furniture sets are the same concept but are executed differently. Each school has three different packs (as there are three packs for Avalon and Azteca in Wizard101) and each pack has a different theme. Each pack in Wizard101 has a theme too (ex. dining room, living room, etc.) but the packs are a little mixed up so really you have to buy all three packs to have the full set for each "room". It seems in Pirate101 they kept each set separate which is nice. :)

The last feature I want to talk about is Ryan's Yum-n-ade stand! If you want a boost in health then head right on over to Ryan's Yum-n-ade stand for a refreshing glass of yum! If you haven't heard already, Ryan the Relentless is an 11-year old boy who was able to visit KingsIsle through the Make-a-Wish foundation. KingsIsle surprised him at the end of his visit with his very own Yum-n-ade stand that every Pirate in the spiral could visit! If you want to read more about Ryan's visit to KingsIsle then you can read the KI blog post right here!

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer and Pirate101!

See ye in the game!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Here's some Epic Screenshots

So you guys probably don’t know this about me yet but I love to take screen shots, especially when they turn out very cool looking. I’ve decided to share some of my creations today.


(My favorite!)

See ye in the game!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Contest and update!

Hello everyone!

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer break and remember to go outside in between defeating those cutthroats because its beautiful outside.

I'd like to mention a contest that Ditto is having over on his blog. Ta da! Good luck!

Silent Belle is continuing her adventures in Cool Ranch, one chapter at a time.

Esmeralda is also continuing to advance towards getting Avery's amulet back. Will her plan to defeat the cutthroats work? Get ready for Entry Four (part four) of Diary of Two-Faced Esmeralda Jackson!

See ya in the game!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Diray of Two-Faced Esmeralda Jackson - Entry Four (part three)

It took longer than expected to find all the gunpowder we needed. There wasn’t enough at the Cutthroat camp so Bonnie Anne had to run back to town while Wing Chun strategically placed the gunpowder we did have in various places around the camp. It was a wonder how he didn’t get caught. Courtney and I hid in the nearby foliage as I explained to her one more time what her job was.

“Now are you sure you know what you’re supposed to be doing?”

“Yes, I go into the camp and look around for any information about Fin. I need to be quick because you’re planning-”

“Yes, yes, yes, good job Courtney.”

“I have the rest of your gunpowder Captain,” Bonnie Anne said setting down a couple of kegs. “And I brought an extra pair of hands.”

I heard the sound of two more kegs being set on the ground and when Bonnie Anne stepped aside a girl around my age held out her hand. “Amber Jones,” the girl said. “Buccaneer.”

“I can tell,” I said glancing at the spear she held that was taller than both of us. “I’m Esmeralda Jackson,” I continued as I shook Amber’s hand.

“I heard of you. You’re the orphan off the Armada ship.”

“Yeah, how did you-”

“Word travels quickly around here, if you want to be top pirate you have to know who’s who.”

“Right,” I said making a mental note of it. In the Armada you just had to know your job and who your boss was.

Wing Chun returned and I told him to set up the last of the gunpowder. Once he returned from that I sent Courtney off.

         “Ok,” I said to my remaining crew (plus ally). “Let’s go be shark bait.”

See ya in the game!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Diary of Two-Faced Esmeralda Jackson - Entry Four (part two)

“Courtney!” Bonnie Anne exclaimed.

“Oh, Bonnie Anne please don’t send me back to town!” The little girl pleaded.

“Like troggies I won’t! Your brother would kill you if he found out you were all the way out here, it’s dangerous!”

“He doesn’t know I’m here. He had to go out to get some Battacuda for our dinner and he wouldn’t let me go catch them with him. I wanted to fight something! So I came out here where I knew the cutthroats would be. Everyone wants them out of here so I thought I could get rid of them for everyone.”

“You don’t even have a weapon Courtney, how do you expect to fight all these sharks?”

The little girl looked down at her feet and shrugged, “I just wanted to help.”

“Well you can help by staying home where you are supposed to be,” Bonnie Anne turned to me. “I’m sorry captain, but I need to take Little Courtney-”

“I’m not little!” The little girl interrupted.   

“-back to town where she won’t get hurt.” Bonnie Anne finished without skipping a beat.

I glanced over to where the cutthroats were setting up camp; it looked like they were preparing to stay for a while. Their numbers were far too great for just me and Wing Chun to take on by ourselves. “No,”

“No?” Bonnie Anne asked.

“No?” The little girl asked hopefully.

“In fact I will need your help Courtney.”

“Yes!” The little girl said and she started to dance around in a circle.

“But captain she’s just a little girl! She doesn’t even have proper training!”

“You bet I do! I sneak into the Commodore’s classes almost every day to hear him train his prodigies. He doesn’t mind me being there. And the Blind Mew teaches me all kinds of useful stuff, like how to use my ears instead of my eyes.”

“Well that’s all great and dandy Courtney but you don’t have a weapon.”

“She doesn’t need one,” Wing Chun said. “I haven’t used a real weapon in years. My hands and feet serve as my weapons for me every day.”

“She’ll do fine,” I said turning to the cutthroats. “There have been wizards younger than her who has been asked to do more.”

“Wizards captain?” Bonnie Anne asked.

“Pirates… I said pirates.”

“So who do we go after first, the bluish green one or the greenish blue one?” Courtney started rubbing her hands together in a menacing way.

“Neither,” I said.

“What?” Courtney slumped her shoulders and pouted.

“I have a special job for you.”

“That doesn’t involve me fighting?”


“But that’s no fun at all!”

        “But you see Courtney,” I bent over slightly so I was eye to eye with the little girl. “Without you, my plan will never work.” 

See ya in the game! 

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Diary of Two-Faced Esmeralda Jackson - Entry Four (Part One)

Entry Four- My Mission is a Waste


What a wonderful waste of a day! There is no way Avery has time to plot against the Armada because he is too busy worrying about trivial things! I was trained to fight the spirals most successful and cunning pirate and I’m sent to retrieve an amulet. A silly shark named Fin had taken it.
Before I even had the chance to go and find the cutthroat the local troggies started attacking. Turns out Fin started it. I began to think that maybe he’s stronger than I originally thought.  The troggies were relatively easy to defeat but unfortunately I had to report back to a fox musketeer named Bonnie Anne who then insisted that she join my crew. Wing Chun and I exchanged a glance and he gave me a knowing look that told me I had better accept her or else things would begin to look fishy.  So now I have a fox following me around that I have to pretend to be a pirate for.
Fin was said to be hiding in Skull Mountain. By the time my crew and I reached the entrance of Skull Cave I started to have a bad feeling about this mission. Cutthroats were everywhere and we were clearly outnumbered.


“Let’s go pick a fight,” Bonnie Anne said and started making her way towards the sharks. If she was brave enough to face all these monsters then I surely could.

“Wait,” Wing Chun said and he motioned for me to come closer to him. “I sense that someone else is close.”

I looked around me and didn’t see anyone but the nasty looking cutthroats that hadn’t noticed us yet.

“What is taking you two so long? The cutthroats won’t ignore us forever,” Bonnie Anne gave us both an impatient look.

“I sense another human is close to us.”

“Well I don’t see-” But Bonnie Anne didn’t get a chance to finish her sentence.


“Did that bush just sneeze?” Wing Chun asked.

         I walked over to the brush, moved a few rather large leaves and revealed a little girl. She was wearing a red and white stocking cap along with a hand me down outfit and some rough looking shoes.

See ya in the game!